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Posted On: Friday, 8/02/2013 3:28 pm
A: Your first question involves breast cancer, and I’d recommend you review a response that my colleague John Swarthout provided to a similar question posed on this site. Regarding your other question, it is true that glyphosate is a chelating agent, but that does not imply that it makes nutrients “unavailable in the soil.” Let me explain why. First, chelation is a natural and important process in soil.  Metals are mostly present in soil as solids and need to be dissolved to be taken up... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Saturday, 9/07/2013 9:57 am
A: The seed treatment involves coating seeds with a new kind of insecticide called neonicotinoids, so that the chemicals become part of the plant’s physiology – and only affect insects that feed on the crops. (Generalized spraying with pesticides – or with live Bt bacteria, which some organic food growers use to protect their crops – can affect many more insects than the targeted pests.) Contrary to what the petition suggests or what you may have read elsewhere, extensive research has shown that... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Saturday, 9/21/2013 9:59 pm
A: Corn rootworms are one of the most devastating insect pests of corn in the United States.  They inflict damage as larvae feeding on the roots of young corn plants in farmers’ fields. This damage inhibits the plant's ability to take up water and nutrients, decreases its ability to develop and remain upright, and ultimately leads to yield loss. As you mentioned, Monsanto and other companies have developed insect-protected plants using B.t. (Bacillus thuringiensis) in order to... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Tuesday, 7/30/2013 11:27 am
A: You have a number of questions and comments, and I will try to address each one of them. Having worked in our Product Safety Center and now in Stewardship, I can assure you that the safety of our products is of critical importance to my colleagues and me.  When we see claims that glyphosate is associated with neural tube defects or any other adverse health effect, we take them very seriously and review all relevant information.  Let’s first talk about what we know about... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Wednesday, 10/02/2013 12:03 am
A: I, too, read the Motley Fool post and was a bit alarmed, to say the least, because I work for one of the large multinationals named in the article, and my wife’s large and extended family includes members in both urban and rural areas of Africa.  I’ve experienced their challenges to produce food and get the next meal on the table, and was surprised to learn, according to this article, that I’m preventing food security. But I’ve also discovered since first reading that Motley Fool’s source... Continue Reading