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Posted On: Wednesday, 10/02/2013 12:03 am
A: I, too, read the Motley Fool post and was a bit alarmed, to say the least, because I work for one of the large multinationals named in the article, and my wife’s large and extended family includes members in both urban and rural areas of Africa.  I’ve experienced their challenges to produce food and get the next meal on the table, and was surprised to learn, according to this article, that I’m preventing food security. But I’ve also discovered since first reading that Motley Fool’s source... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 8/05/2013 6:30 pm
A: Resistance can and has evolved to all forms of pest management, including chemical, biological, and cultural tools, and is not a unique concern for biotech-derived crops. When resistance does occur within insect populations, this is an economic issue for growers because they need to identify and use other types of insect pest control measures in order to continue producing their crop. However, the development of resistance in an insect or weed population has no direct effect on the... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Thursday, 8/01/2013 1:17 pm
A: Included below is a passage regarding genetic diversity from a response provided by Martina Newell-McGloughlin, director of the international biotechnology program at University of California, Davis. “Biodiversity is actually enhanced by the adoption of GM crops. Those crops commercialized to date have reduced the impacts of agriculture on biodiversity, through enhanced adoption of conservation tillage practices, reduction of pesticide use and use of more environmentally benign... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Wednesday, 8/07/2013 6:02 am
A: This is a very interesting question to which we would like to add one additional factor. Evolution and adaptation can be one response to change; extinction can be another. As highly evolved beings we are fortunate that we are not among the greater than 99% of all species that have gone extinct!  The plants that we farm descended from wild plant ancestors but they were extensively genetically modified over the years by a process called domestication.  The ancestor of modern corn, for... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Thursday, 8/01/2013 5:38 pm
A: I wish there was an easy answer to your question, but I'm not sure there is. When I was kid growing up on my family's farm in western Kansas, we were restricted, as a matter of U.S. agricultural policy, to producing only wheat on a continuous basis. This created a number of management challenges. Specifically, we had some weed and disease issues that became a perpetual battle. I spent many long hours on a tractor, tilling the soil, in order to manage weeds.Today, as a matter of U.S.... Continue Reading