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Posted On: Saturday, 8/17/2013 12:11 am
A: A similar question regarding living organism patents was recently answered by Hans Sauer, Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property for the Biotechnology Industry Organization. His response is available here: passage from Sauer’s response reads: “To be clear, the USPTO does not award patents on living organisms (and other things) that were merely discovered in nature. The Supreme Court has said that if a new plant... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 8/05/2013 4:34 am
A: Let me start by saying, there is absolutely no intention to deceive the American consumer by our regulatory bodies. We are fortunate in the United States that food safety determinations are made by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) at arm’s length from the political process.  Our regulatory and science authorities like those around the world have confirmed the safety of foods produced using biotechnology.  In fact there is no credible... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Thursday, 8/01/2013 9:24 am
A: You are likely referring to Michael R. Taylor, a lawyer who is currently deputy commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration for Foods and Veterinary Medicine. Taylor has spent most of his career of more than 35 years as a public official or college professor, and spent about 16 months working for Monsanto, a biotechnology company. Opponents of biotechnology often raise the fact that some former EPA, FDA and USDA employees have gone to work for biotech companies,... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Friday, 8/16/2013 1:59 pm
A: Most people associate patents with mechanical or electronic devices, new chemical substances, intricate machines or other inanimate things. The notion that patents are also available for living things may be puzzling at first. A patent is a form of property right that allows its owner a certain measure of control over how others may make, use or sell the patented invention. Surely the inventor of e.g. a new gyroscope sensor (like those used in Segway scooters) should have good reason to object... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 7/29/2013 9:43 pm
A: I believe Monsanto has already corrected myths about its desire to “control the world’s food”  supply, so I’ll focus on the issues of banning and labeling. I’m aware of only one country, Kenya, with a ban in place on all GM food imports. The decision came about in November 2012, apparently during a cabinet meeting, and circumvented the existing Kenyan Biosafety Act and the National Biosafety Authority, the regulatory agency established to regulate the use of GMOs.  There are a... Continue Reading