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Posted On: Wednesday, 7/17/2013 5:59 pm
A: This seems to be a fair and reasonable request―to know how our food was created.  Food is already labeled with its ingredients when it has been processed, and warnings are sometimes included on labels.  So why not let the consumer know if any of the components of the food were GMOs?  The reason food is not labeled as containing GMOs is that mandatory food labeling is used only to provide information that may be important for consumers to make food choices regarding... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 7/29/2013 12:21 pm
A: Cathleen Enright, executive director of the Council for Biotechnology Information, has answered a similar question. You can view the response here.
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Posted On: Tuesday, 7/30/2013 8:13 pm
A: Thank you for this question. I am very glad you asked it.  We absolutely do support the right of consumers to choose food that is healthy and nutritious.  And although we do not sell food products directly to consumers, we support food companies’ decisions to voluntarily label food products for the presence or absence of GMOs, so consumers who wish to can choose food that is not made with GM ingredients. Some companies have opted to use such voluntarily labels such as “USDA Organic... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Wednesday, 7/31/2013 9:27 am
A: Thanks for your question. I addressed your exact question about labeling earlier so will focus on your questions about policy work and safety testing.  As with any industry, we are interested in creating a favorable environment in which to operate.  We want to attract investors; develop innovative products, independently or in collaboration with other private- or public-sector scientists; make our customers (global farmers) happy; and obviously, develop products that... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 7/29/2013 7:20 pm
A: This and related questions about labeling are great questions. We are often accused of being against labeling.  We are not. Let’s address seed labeling first. We support farmers’ right to choose the seeds that are the best fit for their individual farms. The individual GM seed products sold by our companies (we sell conventional and organic seeds, too) are clearly identified as containing GM traits, and farmers choose and are aware of the type of product they are buying.  They... Continue Reading