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Posted On: Tuesday, 1/07/2014 10:03 am
A: The recent General Mills announcement sparked a lively conversation on GMO Answers. In fact, several experts responded to the announcement that Cheerios will no longer include GM ingredients. To answer your first question about removing GM ingredients, please see an excerpt from a response from Cathleen Enright, executive director of the Council for Biotechnology Information: “We believe food companies have the right to select the ingredients that are best for their markets, just as... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Tuesday, 2/04/2014 3:59 pm
A: Thank you for your question, Shelly! We are happy to share that our biotech-enhanced, non-browning Arctic apples will have no impact whatsoever on your ability to purchase organic apples, nor will they impact any consumer’s ability to choose whatever variety and production method they prefer. This is due to a number of factors, chief among them the fact that even if Arctic apples were to cross-pollinate with a neighboring orchard, the resulting fruit would not be affected. As a comparison... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Monday, 1/20/2014 11:16 am
A: Jennifer Schmidt, Maryland farmer and registered dietician, recently answered a question about feeling “sluggish” after eating GMOs. You might find her response interesting; an excerpt is below: “…As a farmer, a mom, a consumer of food and a Registered Dietitian who also eats intuitively, I’ve never experienced any ‘sluggish feeling’ related to consumption of genetically engineered foods. We grow both ‘GMO’ and ‘non-GMO’ crops. Our family eats what we grow, lives on our farm and has the... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Thursday, 8/01/2013 3:36 pm
A: As a farmer, I have had the opportunity to hear concerns about how we raise our food.  Many times I have been asked if I am an organic farmer or where they can buy my products.  It seems the majority of consumers that have come into contact with a farmer have only done so through farmers markets.  There the consumer meets the producer, develops a relationship and trust is built in the product as well as in the producer. When I direct the conversation towards questions about... Continue Reading
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Posted On: Friday, 1/10/2014 8:49 am
A: The study referred to looked at the question of whether fragments of DNA, consumed in our food, could pass into the blood stream. The main finding was that this could happen and that fragments of DNA large enough to contain whole genes could enter the human circulation system. Previous to this study, it was thought than DNA would be completely degraded during the digestion process. We consume large amounts DNA from plants in our everyday diet. If the diet contained some GM products then some of... Continue Reading