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    Community Manager
    Hi @Manuel Mendoza -- thanks for contributing to the GMO Answers discussion! Jennie Schmidt, a registered dietitian and farmer, talks about the potential logistical impact of GMO labeling in the food supply chain on her blog: http://thefoodiefarmer.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-costs-of-gmo-labeling.html. We welcome your thoughts!
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    Manuel Mendoza
    "Labeling is a whole ‘nutter issue. Read about that somewhere here at GMOAnswers.
    Constitutional issue? Not so much. The Constitution protects us from an over-reaching government. What we need are real scientists to protect us from an over-reaching activism and fear mongering. That’s what I’m trying to do here."

    Your opinion is very important in this issue but the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people that have in multiple ways petitioned the government who foresees the regulation agency's that protect the costumer that is being sold GMO's by corporations have specifically asked for GMO labeling no matter what the case may be with its health implications. Don't try to change the world at this point. Labeling only hurts the ones that are hiding something. I would proudly label my product if it were some kind of health improving GMO.
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    Soup - do some research on this "report", you will quickly find that it does not hold water. The data in the report is clearly a soil sample...not a corn sample! The results are baseless and the report itself is not a valid, peer-reviewed scientific study.