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    Thank you for the Map. That is some good information. Ironically it is the opposite of what my question posses but still good stuff.

    What I’m looking for is to be able to counter the assertion that a ton of countries have banned GMOs with actual number of countries that have totally banned GMOs (I would guess that is a small number but I have yet to find credible sources).

    I think that information in concert with the map you have provided would help rebut assertions that the world is jumping on an anti-GMO bandwagon.

    I’m also assuming that the countries that have heavy restrictions on GMOs are doing so because of politics and not on a scientific basis but I would like hear your thoughts on the matter.

    On a completely unrelated matter:
    I’ve going through you site and I have not been able find the vote button for questions including my own. I’m on a Firefox browser using a Mac could that be why I’m not seeing the vote option on either the right or left side of the questions?
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    Community Manager
    You may find this map helpful, as it shows where in the world GMOs are approved for cultivation, food, feed and trial: http://gmoanswers.com/public-review