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    While I don't know the nutritional value of the Hawaiian rainbow papaya, I believe that it is the only GMO fruit. Non GMO Hawaiian rainbow papaya are very hard to find due to the virus that killed them so they have very little food value.
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    Joseph Najjar
    What nutrients do you consider most important to note? Do you expect a chart listing every compound found in both organic and GM versions of all crops? In addition to the link above, I would recommend you look at this journal:


    Another comprehensive study on the issues relating to GMOs.

    I always used to laugh a bit when I was a kid, and people said " knowledge is power"....now I get it. I didnt realize what a vast gap in knowledge exists in this country, and the world. Please, before you get worked up, look through the actual research thats being done. Dont get your "information" from people like Mercola or Jeffrey Smith. They have zero relevant training and their claims are hardly ever supported by facts or data, or the scientific community as a whole

    http://academicsreview.org/reviewed-individuals/jeffrey-smith/ -- Is this really who you want answering your genetic and biotechnology questions? Didn't think so.

    Here is another question, answered by GMOanswers, that discusses Mercola's utter lack of credibility. He is the one who repeatedly violates FDA regulations for the safety of products he sells on his website. Complete pseudo-science
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    the attached article addresses a nutritional study of 'organic' vs. 'conventional' farmed produce. i realize it does not specifically address your quesion on GMO vs. non-GMO, though. i hope you find it interesting. im looking forward to hearing more info to your question.