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    Joseph Najjar
    To be fair, research has been conducted on GMOs since before they were commercialized. The research supports these crops' safety.




    You, the consumers, have been lied to. But not by who you think. This is an unbelievable amount of misinformation on the internet, and it is constantly being repeated by people who don't understand the subjects they are speaking about. For example, Joe Mercola and Jeffrey Smith are two outspoken individuals against GMOs. They both represent themselves as experts within the field, and therefor qualified to comment, and give their opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Here is Jeffrey Smith( the yoga teacher) --- http://academicsreview.org/reviewed-individuals/jeffrey-smith/

    I will direct you to another question that has been answered on this site, in regards to Joe Mercola's credibility:

    My point is that data can be manipulated by either side. These left-wing activists are counting on Americans to read what they write and become enraged before they ever check to see if it is factual. I work for a public university, working on GM soybean. Take it from a regular guy working within this field, make sure you get your information from the original source, if you want it with limited bias and spin. Many articles, or editorials may be more accurate, will cite a source for a given fact, but then purposely misrepresent that data within the article.