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  • Ben Schaefer's picture
    Ben Schaefer
    Chad- This site is for answers, so to quickly address you question, Suzuki is not a geneticist. He calls himself one because of his work on Drosophila, but most high school courses work on those these days. He has also, not to my knowledge, ever done a study on GMOs. He’s talked a lot, yes. But no studies.
    As for Mercola, he is a “is a web entrepreneur and alternative medicine guru who markets a variety of controversial dietary supplements and medical devices as part of his diet- and lifestyle-based approach to health” and he has been repeatedly ordered by the FDA to stop making false claims. If you truly want to weigh pros and cons, I suggest to go to a peer-reviewed journal as a source and start your research there.
    Good luck.
  • jtrav21's picture
    Chad - can you point to peer-reviewed studies from journals in respected fields? The Susuki video is not a "study", and the Mercola source is clearly one-sided, where all of their articles state the same positions against GMO technology, with very limited evidence-based claims.