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  • Beth Henggeler's picture
    Beth Henggeler
    And in addition to what Ben said, citations that link back to other stories on the same website are not credible citations.

    A bit more about Adams can be found here, how is an AIDS denialist more credible? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NaturalNews
  • Ben Schaefer's picture
    Ben Schaefer
    To really get to the heart of a science issue, you should always do your own investigating. Feel free to read all the sites out there. Be wary of the ones that are full of advertising or any that have a ‘donate now’ button. When reading the stories, try to find the links to the data or the study. Most reputable news sources all have embedded links that will take you to academia, science journals, or specific studies. Don’t trust stories in which the writer gives no researchable data.
  • WillingToListen's picture
    What makes him more credible?