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    @ohnogmo and noanswersneeded: 95% of his crop was roundup ready. He purposefully used technology that he had not paid for. If you ran a business and someone was using your product illegally wouldn't you want to do something about it? Please feel free to read the summaries of the Supreme Court case of Schmeiser vs. Monsanto. THe justices unanimously ruled in Monsanto's favor. That should give some indication that Mr. Schmeiser wasn't a totally innocent victim in that situation. THanks for considering this point of view.
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    Thats very transparant
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    How much of his land was roundup ready? what if it was 10%
    or who is the ownwer of the seeds , in my opinion percy is the ownner.
    If you buy seeds that are roundup ready you can do whatever you want.
    no patents on life.

    Monsanto did not invented the pig or the broccoli , did they?
    And even if they did no patent on that , we dont need monsanto
    to create seeds, farmer can do this temselves if there was no monsanto disease, this is a very evil company, i think violence is only think left as they own the goverments.
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    ohnogmo try reading the case.He had 1000 acres that was 95% roundup ready.You don't get that by accident.
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    What about Percy in Canada? Monsanto almost put him and his family into poverty.
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