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    This may be slightly off topic, but WHY do we as Americans refuse to take personal responsibility for our own actions and choices? We champion our freedom, but whenever possible try to make it someone else's fault whenever we do something stupid, fail to take good care of ourselves and our children, even commit crimes! We are such a litigious society, that we have to have instructions on shampoo, and warning labels like "the coffee is hot" and "don't try to pick up your lawn mower while it's running". Excepting a few medical conditions, the key to fighting obesity is people taking personal responsibility for their food choices and activity levels (note that I'm at least 40 lbs overweight, but I know that this is nobody's fault but my own). "Studies" linking GMOs to obesity actually address the issue of processed foods, which would be less healthful and nutritious than fresh and whole foods whether they contained GM ingredients or not. Instead of wasting our time and energy to "stand up" against companies that we feel are adversely affecting our health, why not "stand up" against our own bad habits, and take responsibility for our own choices?
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      Joseph Najjar
      Thank you for being willing to take responsibility for yourself. Most people want to pass the blame on, because there is no way it could be their faults....People drink 3+ sodas per day, then turn around and complain that high fructose corn syrup made them fat?? Any kind of sugar will make you gain weight if you are going to ingest kilograms of it. I applaud you, sir. I hope more people adopt your responsibility
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