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  • Joseph Najjar's picture
    Joseph Najjar
    You realize inert means inactive right? Which are known carcinogens? Please name one, and cite a source where you found that info. I'll be quite surprised if you actually do. Here is the answer to a better-phrased question, and it will tell you what you are asking.

  • SaveMyFood's picture
    Glyphosate is only the tip of the iceberg. Let's hear about the surfactants, the "inert" proprietary chemicals that we know little about... aside from the fact that some of them are known carcinogens. The increase in Glyphosate in our food and in feed will only come from the increased use of Roundup. That means more of the other mystery chemicals.

    Monsanto, if you want to open up discussions on the safety of your GMO products, let's talk about the herbicides (biocides) that these crops were engineered to survive. You're not addressing the main concern here. We need to know more about the chemicals in our foods!!!

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