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    Thanks for flagging the broken link Adam – here is the correct link: http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/2013/august/french-court-annuls-gmo-ban/78025.aspx. We are amending the response above. There have been several questions posted regarding long-term studies of GMOs, see the links below. These questions are currently with one of our experts for review, please check back for a response.


    Thank for your participation. If you don¹t feel your question was answered fully, feel free to repost and clarify here: http://gmoanswers.com/ask
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    Just went on to your references, and the first one you gave is europabio which is the exact same site as this one. Its members are almost identical to the ones on this site. If you want to back up your information can you give us some references that are not developed from you. The second reference you gave doesn't even work, whats going on here?
    I seen some other sites that state countries banned GMO foods because there are no studies done that look at the long term effects of the GMO products. Has there been any studies that look into this?
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    This is a forum to address GMOs and biotechnology, please remember to submit questions of this nature. We aim to provide a straightforward and fact-based response to your inquiry. For more information about how this conversation is moderated, visit our house rules: http://gmoanswers.com/house-rules