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    Joseph Najjar
    I'd like to add my opinion, although I am sure the authors on this page will provide a much more comprehensive answer than mine. When reading the article you provided, the first thought that struck me was that traditional agriculture has not had tools like genetic modification for more than a few decades. Before that, "organic" farming was just farming, there was no alternative to the traditional methods. Organic seems to have cropped up in more recent years, as an alternative to GM crops. I understand food is a personal thing, and no one should be forced to eat GM crops if they really dont want to. However, any product that makes it to the commercial market has been tested extensively. FDA and EPA regulations take years and millions of dollars to comply with. Even the European Union, who was a stringent opponent of GM crops, has recently released this journal, out of Italy. It is a comprehensive look at the research done across many of the issues raised with GMOs .


    Furthermore, the article you posted makes claims on data that hasnt even been collected yet : "Organic vegetables have been shown to have up to 120% higher antioxidants than conventionally grown vegetables, and possibly 1000s of times more than GMO crops, though those studies have not yet been conducted and published." It also makes claims that are downright untrue, such as claiming organic crops will have higher yields that GM crops. They even try to overlook the UN's stance on GM crops: " Even the UN would have us believe that “organic farming cannot produce enough food to ensure a global food supply,” but others disagree." Overall, the article is clearly aimed at debasing modern agricultural techniques, by swaying people who are not particularly familiar with the field. I am extremely glad that there is finally a site available to the public that will allow them to get answers directly from professionals within the fields, rather than some of the outlandish misinformation that can be found out there.
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