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    We will prioritize questions based on the number of votes they receive. We are doing our best to answer every question, however the format and response time will differ from question to question because some questions are more complex than others. We are sourcing responses from the best possible experts from around the world to make sure we address questions as fully as possible. Thank you for your participation.
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    Thank you, but one of my questions received the highest number of votes on this site and has still not been answered. Do you go by highest number of votes, or is some other system employed to prioritize answering?
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    Community Manager
    This is a great question and we're going to get to it as soon as we can. Due to the high volume, we're using the "vote" feature to prioritize which questions get addressed first. We encourage you to "vote" for your question. We'll route it to the right person just as soon as we can. For more information about how this conversation is moderated, visit our house rules: http://gmoanswers.com/house-rules.