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    I have seen contradictory statements regarding the status of GMO foods in Europe, and the results of the research conducted by the EU, so decided to see what I could find. A document titled "A Decade of GMO Research 2001-2010" (http://ec.europa.eu/research/biosociety/pdf/a_decade_of_eu-funded_gmo_research.pdf) outlines the objectives, methods and findings of their various research projects. Here is an excerpt from the conclusion statement from the chapter on GMO and Food Safety (page 133):

    "The projects under the Research Framework Programmes have significantly contributed developing a robust framework for the food safety assessment of GM foods/feed. These activities provide at least equal assurance of the safety of these foods compared to conventional counterparts, provided these GM products have been approved by the EU and the national food safety evaluation procedures."

    Here is a link to the EU Register of authorised GMOs: http://ec.europa.eu/food/dyna/gm_register/index_en.cfm

    While many European countries have enforced strict labeling due to public concern, I feel this research documentation proves that this is the reason, and not that they have "better science" or have found GMOs to be harmful.
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    Wanted to share a link with info on where GMOs are grown and have granted import approval : http://gmoanswers.com/public-review
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    If GMO products are better than natural foods (and I dont consider genetically modified foods natural or even substantially the same as natural) why not start ad campaigns extolling their virtues, and clearly label consumer choices? There doesn't seem to be any problem or added expenses labeling food that does not contain transfats or sugar so why not add "GMO,s Included" for those attracted to these products?
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      Labels such as "No Trans Fat" or "No Sugar" are examples of VOLUNTARY labeling, and many organic and natural food companies have started labeling their products "GMO Free" or similar. What you are asking for is MANDATORY labeling, which is reserved for statements WIDELY accepted to address immediate health concerns (such as allergens).