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    If this is not true then why do other experts differ with their explanations such as this one >>
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    to NeedsTheTruth --
    Here is the exact link for the "How aspartame is made" article http://www.madehow.com/Volume-3/Aspartame.html
    Read it and become enlightened

    To answer your question, yes, aspartame is made from the excretion products of bacteria. At least, it was back in 1991 when I worked for NutraSweet company in the lab that purposefully modified microorganisms (by cloning in certain genes) to overproduce the amino acids. I assume since our team went to all the work to improve fermentation yields to the point we did, that they are still using the same methods.

    Please note: with such a simple life form as a single celled bacteria, the excretion products are very simple and not generally called feces, even though one of the definitions of feces is dregs or sediment.
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    its been nearly a week, you are telling me this 20 billion dollar company cant afford more experts?
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    so u had time to tell me you'll get to it? its a simple yes or no question. is aspartame made from the feces of GMO E.Coli?
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