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    Joseph Najjar
    Actually, I read through the report, and I don't see them saying GMO anywhere. They discuss toxicity of pesticides on the market, and that are being used in agriculture. Organic crops have pesticides applied to them as well, and those were included in this report. Also, I didn't see that quote from the president, but maybe I overlooked it somehow. Everyone wants to lower the levels of chemicals around us, and GM crops are helping to do that. Bt plants that can defend themselves against certain insects allow farmers not to spray insecticides, which lowers chemical use and helps local biodiversity. If you have issues trusting Monsanto, or another corporation, that is a separate issue than GMO safety. Public universities and national governments, along with dozens of other private companies, are working on these technologies around the World. If you have issues with intellectual property or patent laws, thats a separate discussion, but the science has been tested over and over again.


    This came out of Italy, from the EU. Take a look at what GM crops do for efficiency and sustainability. Farmers use less water, fewer chemicals, and they aren't as labor-intensive as organic crops