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    Just adding to the discussion - no need to get hostile. Haven't been on here in awhile, but definitely have a few comments back to *that*... 1.) The issues of GM foods and use of herbicides and pesticides (which are used on ALL non-organic crops) are 2 different issues, and exposure to both can be easily avoided by purchasing certified organic foods (THAT is your "God-given RIGHT"). 2.) There very well may be some conflict of interest (as there is in nearly every industry due to the prevalence - and cold hard cash - of lobbyists) but do you really think that anyone would put themselves on the line like that when it comes to human health? If it *were* to come out that GMOs were extremely harmful, that would be on the heads of any regulatory body that allowed them to be sold. 3.) NO I do NOT work for Monsanto - and I named myself well - I Question Everything - what proponents of GM technology say AND what opponents say. With your reply "KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS", you have only reinforced my observation that you, like many opponents of this technology, have already made up your mind. You believe junk science like the Seralini Study, no matter how many reputable scientists and experts refute it, because it supports the conclusion you have already come to. Likewise, no matter how many REPUTABLE studies show the technology to be safe, you refute them not because of who conducted them, but because they do not support this (in my opinion unfounded) conclusion. And again, if you don't want to be "forced" to eat GMOs or foods treated with pesticides/herbicides - BUY ORGANIC - and while you're at it, look into how much of the support for mandatory labeling has come from the organic farming community (there are "conflicts of interest" everywhere)
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    Know Them By Their Fruits
    Nice try "QuestionEverything", I get a response to my question, which doesn't really address my concerns in the first place, and you try and come in behind it to try and debunk the truthful studies that ARE revealing just how dangerous chemicals such as GLYPHOSATE are. Do you also work for Monsanto or one of the other large corporations with vested interests in GMO? Lol, you will have to do better than that.......

    Lets talk about conflicts of interests. So all the "experts" keep referencing the Government and the FDA in their answers. For example, in the response to my own question the reply to my concerns about levels of GLYPHOSATE indicates that I should not worry because, and I quote:
    "intakes are well below levels of regulatory concern".

    That is supposed to make the consumer feel better? A big part of the issue is that the "regulators" have been compromised, as many of the people who currently work for the FDA, for example, worked for companies in the BigAg business, such as Monsanto, so they are not so much as regulating, but rather are protecting the interests of companies such as Monsanto. That is like having the fox watch the henhouse!!

    Are you going to deny that there are conflicts of interests too now, within the very regulatory bodies that are supposed to be keeping an eye on companies such as Monsanto?

    MICHAEL TAYLOR - Deputy Commissioner for Foods, FDA - He was a CHIEF LOBBYIST for Monsanto

    At the end of the day, this is the issue. People have a God-given RIGHT to eat food that is healthy and nutritious, and free of toxins. For all of those, like yourself "QuestionEverything" who want to eat GMOs, I say have at it. I have no problem with you consuming food that is of lower nutritional value and that will fill your body with toxins. Live and let live, right?

    People who do NOT want to eat GMO have that right, and in order to determine which foods are GMO and which are not, we need to label them accordingly. Companies such as Monsanto don't want them labelled because then nobody would buy them, as is what happened over in Europe, where by the way GMOs are now BANNED in many countries.

    Do you believe it is right that these large food corporations get to impose their will upon those who do not wish to use their products. THIS is the real issue, and that continues to not be addressed!

    Keep your GMOs, enjoy them, but at the end of the day I have a right to the access of food that I deem to be what is best for myself and my family!!

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    Thank you, Mr. Goldstein for your very thorough response. "For sake of transparency, why not stick to strictly independent studies, from entities who have no vested interest in the topic?" - The simple reason is that *proper* research is very expensive, and *most* of the "entities" who are willing to put up the money to fund this research are going to have some sort of "vested interest". This site is not providing only the studies that were funded by the industry, it's providing only the studies that haven't been completely debunked by the general scientific community. Why do people keep linking to the same "studies" that show GMO's to be harmful, even though it is widely believed that they are disreputable JUNK science? And just as they accuse Monsanto et al of only bringing forth the research that shows their products in a positive light, these people seem to only accept information that vilifies them, from sources that are known to be extremely anti-GMO. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me...
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