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  • Kevin Folta's picture
    Kevin Folta
    This is a wonderful answer. Can I add two extra tidbits to supplement your response with respect to two other facets of the question?

    1. First, the study you mention did not show a "link between glyphosate and breast cancer". Not at all. The authors show that you can use glyphosate to induce specific changes in cells in a dish, that happen to be a breast cancer cell line. The literature is full of examples of experiments in petri dishes that never relate to humans.

    2. Your exposure to glyphosate? For the most part is it used early in plant growth. You'd be hard-pressed to ever see it used on a plant bearing food products. You are eating none, if any. Even if you did drink it right from the sprayer it would move through you in urine and stools, a small amount metabolized by the liver. It's biological fates are well understood.

    The more you learn about it the less scary it is, and the more we can focus on legitimate drawbacks of using it, like weed resistance. Otherwise, it is hard to imagine a more friendly alternative that works as well.
  • Rickinreallife's picture
    Is glysophate worse than atrozine?