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    Don't believe this "expert answer" GMOs are a bunch of bull and need to be stopped! They do cause cancer and external damage
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      Community Manager
      Hi @StopGMOs, GMO Answers is a community focused on facilitating constructive conversation about GMOs: http://gmoanswers.com/house-rules. We encourage you to reference studies and articles to support your comments. Also, you might be interested in this post specifically about the claim that GMOs cause cancer: http://gmoanswers.com/studies/top-10-consumer-questions-about-gmos#causecancer.
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    Joseph Najjar
    As with most areas of science, there are always a few researchers who go against the grain, and make claims that the rest of the scientific community do not support. They are being discredited, because they presented data and conclusions that were flawed. Here is a link discussing the retraction of one such article, due to its misrepresentation of data, intentional or otherwise. In my opinion, there should be even harsher punishments for publishing research that is inherently flawed, just to sway public opinion. Thats the problem with the lack of accountability on the internet. An individual can make outlandish, unfounded claims regarding GMOs, yet it falls to us to disprove or debunk these claims, which are rarely even based in the plausible. Here is a comprehensive overview of GMO safety research. Before you get into the meat of the link, read the quote at the very top: " If an overwhelming majority of experts say something is true, then any sensible non-expert should assume they are probably right" Think about that for a second. Are you better versed on this subject than the experts? Is it likely that only a single researcher found this, when everyone in the world is trying to find something wrong with GMO? Not likely.... Not to mention, no one has been able to replicate his results, a clear sign of pseudo-science
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      Joseph Najjar
      forgot my source: