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    Until there is labeling, there is the Non-GMO Shopping Guide: http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com/
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    Marley Bauce
    Truthfully, I would probably still buy GMO foods because they will be cheaper. Same as when I buy non-organics: I know they are not perfect, but sometimes I concede.

    But organic foods are labeled, and the consumer is responsible.

    I understand the industry response is that labeling will set-off an unfair reaction where the uneducated public will have premature and irrational fear responses, thereby harming profits. If that is indeed the fear, then biotech should institute a comprehensive educational campaign. If the goal of this website is true - that there is "nothing to hide" - then it would seem that the only way to stop hiding is to agree to labeling (as in not pay billions to oppose it...), and be responsible.

    Please provide an answer, biotech.
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    This is THE question. So far the answer has been, "We don't label GMOs because regulators don't force us to label them." This is not an answer to the question, it's just a tactical excuse. Will this site ever issue an actual answer to this question?

    Roughly 90% of Americans want GMOs to be labeled. Surely, 90% of Americans can't be opposed to GMOs, so labeling is NOT a pro/con issue. The point is, it's about the right to choose, and we should all have this right.