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    @MaeFuimaono - Thank you for engaging on our website! Your comment raises a number of questions that would best be addressed through our formal Q&A process. Please go to http://gmoanswers.com/ask-your-question and submit your question(s) so that we can find the right expert(s) to answer your concerns.
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    Mae Fuimaono
    What hang loose Bryce posted here is the burning questions on everyones mind who lives here in Hawaii and has been watching bill 2491 and 113 play out. When you talk about Pyrethroids can you include the brand name so we know what products you are referring to please. When you say it requires frequent pesticide application to control thrips what does frequent mean? Once a week, daily, every other day, once a month. It was my understanding that round up ready products were created to decrease pesticide/ herbicide use however hasn't the use of Atrazine and Gyphosphate actually increased in the US in the past two decades that GMO corn and soy have been used? I am very concerned about the health concerns related to herbicides especially Atrazine and Glyphosphate. My biggest concerns are related to the endocrine disruption that occurs with Atrazine and the effects it has on womens health. Several studies have been done by large universities (UCSF, University of Tennesse, University of Ontario etc. ) that show not only correlation but causation of human disease related to Atrazine exposure. Mainly miscarriage, irregular bleeding, babies that are born premature, birth defects including gastroschesis, and babies that are small for gestational age (I have links to all of the studies and will gladly post them). The routes of exposure have also been studied and the main routes are of course water but also drift and dust exposure. I think that I speak for myself and others when I say that we need more answers, will the 500 foot buffer zones actually prevent drift? Are the pesticides related to sea urchin die off and the fungus that happened at the bottom of a Syngenta field? How much pesticides need to be sprayed before exposure happens, is there a certain limit? If someone could answer these questions I would really appreciate the feed back. Thank you
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    Hi Hang Loose Bruce, we hope that you find Dr. Wright’s answer to your question helpful. Our experts are currently in the process of answering your question regarding herbicides, please standby for an additional response. Thank you for submitting your questions to GMOAnswers.
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