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    @Gmomeals that murder from Milford, Ct This question has actually already been answered - another community member asked this same question. Here is a link to that answer: http://gmoanswers.com/ask/if-gmos-are-so-great-why-does-monsanto-serve-organic-produce-its-cafeteria
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    GMO meals that murder -- I am curious what has led you to believe that Monsanto does not serve GMO foods in its cafeteria. Do you know someone who works there, or works for or owns a catering service that operates the cafeteria, who has told you this. Was there an undercover infiltrator who documented this, news investigation, internal document recovered that supports the allegation made here? Just what is your evidence?
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    Gmomeals that murder
    Prove it
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    This has been asked and answered. It is not true, just another internet rumor/lie that people continue to spread.