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    Thanks for all the great input on this topic. This question is now under review. The comments section will reopen once a response is posted. Please check back and thanks for your participation.
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    Well, I guess the add-on to the question would be, how does the GMO industry justify regulations that don't hold them responsible for contaminating my crops? What's their reasoning for this? And if they can't explicitly justify regulations that unfairly protect them from damage liability, are they actively trying to change those regulations so they WILL assume responsibility?
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    You don't lose your certification. Yet, even though Monsanto is being irresponsible. They say it is up to the organic farmer to protect themselves. On economies of scale that is flat out ridiculous. Pollen can travel 500 miles. You must remember this is a statist run country. Your recourse would be suing Monsanto but don't expect anything to change, the judiciary is a joke. Organic farmers had a valid case to preemptively protect themselves against BIOTECH. OSGATA vs MONsanto et al. THe case was thrown out by the judge. It doesn't make any sense. If you got billions to lobby you will get what you want. This is corporate fascism, the checks and balances in this country are going down the tubes. Apparently the only thing worth doing is worth doing for money.