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  • Lovis Feeble's picture
    Lovis Feeble
    Can you please provide a comparative description of the differences in testing and approval between conventionally bred, mutagenically bred, and transgenically developed crop varieties? Are the processes the same in Europe and in the USA?
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      Community Manager
      Hi Lovis Feeble, we would like to provide a thorough response to your comment. Would you mind posting your comment as a question at http://www.gmoanswers.com/ask?
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    Community Manager
    @PaigeM from Garnett, KS
    Here's a question, previously submitted and similar to your question, that's been answered. Use this link to view the answer:
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    PaigeM - there is a well defined process of "deregulation" and GMO crop approval for commercial use that is managed by the FDA, USDA, and EPA. Each of these organizations have clear information about the requirements for each part of the process on their websites for review. Typically, this process takes 10-13 years to complete, and costs companies over $100 MUSD to conduct.
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    The biotech industry has used the concept of, "substantial equivalence," to mask the need for real FDA examination. Because the initial policy, developed between 1990-1992, relied on this discernment, these GMO foods were interpreted to be GRAS status. (Generally regarded as safe) There were many good officials in the FDA at this time that expressed serious concerns, but ultimately the biotech industry got its way through the direction of Michael Taylor who held conflicting positions with Monsanto prior to his time as Director of Biotechnology for the FDA. When the lines become so blurred through a revolving door of biotech interests and politics it becomes that much easier to form policies that don't hold consumer health interest at heart. How can a corporation like Monsanto ever be trusted to uphold the health of consumers in the highest regard? Their history proves otherwise and has been evidenced through coverups concerning PCB comtamination, Agent Orange damages, unethical lawsuits, and all manner of corporate bullying. It is unbelievable that the FDA has went along with this ruse for so long! It is unbelievable that this agency authorized manufacturer-only responsibiltlity for safety testing. Here is a link to the revealing FDA documents I refer to: http://biointegrity.org/list.html