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    Ok, so the "independent" studies that you are talking about, can you show me, or give me a link to who did them, and who "financed" the studies? Because I have also read many independent studies on gmo and it's quite different than studies you are telling me about. And if there is nothing to hide, just put a label on it and all this would be over. You are saying that people might be afraid of the label "for no reason" that's putting word in peoples mouths, how do you know what people will think? The points you are making are very weak. But I would love to see who financed all the studies you are talking about.
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    A quote from Cathy Enright’s post: “….We are often accused of being against labeling. We are not. We want consumers to know about GMOs and support the right of consumers to choose food that is healthy and nutritious. What we cannot support however is a label that conveys to consumers that foods made from the farmers’ crops grown with our seeds are less safe, less nutritious or somehow different from conventional or organic food. We believe a government requirement to label a GMO food would do just this. Hundreds of independent studies have confirmed the safety of GMOs (available here) and regulatory authorities around the world agree.” When it comes to hiding, it's actually quite the opposite. There's no need to label a product when there's nothing to hide or define as different. In other words, no scientific justification to provide a label for GMOs."

    Additional information on the topic is available here: http://www.aaas.org/news/releases/2012/media/AAAS_GM_statement.pdf. You may also find this article interesting: http://reason.com/archives/2013/02/22/the-top-five-lies-about-biotech-crops. Finally, if you are interested in learning more about food labeling in supermarkets, The Grocery Manufacturers Association has a website which provides additional information on this topic, http://factsaboutgmos.org/.
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    This is a simple question, why are these companies spending millions of dollars trying to stop and label gmo? Why are other countries not allowing gmos, or making them label them? It will not cost them anything extra to put a little label on the package, these companies were the same ones who were screaming bloody murder when they lost the fight for putting ingredients on packaging, they were crying the same song how it will cost money and make food more expensive. The people who don;t care will continue to eat whatever they ate before, it is just the basic right that we have as a consumer to know, it has nothing to do with some one liking it or not caring that it's gmo. The fact that they are spending all this money on trying to stop labeling, and setting stuff like this, that it make them even more questionable than before. If it's not a big deal than put the label on it and shut everyone up about already. Remember the commercial about Corn syrup? They lunched this huge campaign on how it's safe and because it's made from corn, it's good for us, I don't think they would have the balls to ever play that commercial again. People are educating themselves about our food, they more you find out, the scarier it gets.
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    To add to what WillingToListen said, with any prepackaged product that contains, say "wheat flour", you think the label should tell you where the wheat was grown, who harvested it, who milled it into flour, and using what process, if and how it was transported during any time in the process, etc. etc.? When it comes to prepackaged foods, the truth is we know very little about how and from where the ingredients are sourced. And, as I have pointed out numerous times on this site, According to the USDA, 90% of all corn, and 93% of all soybeans planted in the US in 2013 was GM. Any company actively seeking out and paying a premium for the remaining 7-10% is labeling their product "non-GMO" or "Certified Organic" voluntarily. Anything else containing any corn or soy products most likely contains GMOs. Why do we need a giant label on it that says "May contain GMOs"? If you are that concerned about it, it is your prerogative to switch your family to a strict organic diet.
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    So, would you like your packaging labeled if microwaving is used in the process of creating it? Or if it is frozen at any point? I am pretty sure that GMO crops come from the ground, just like every other crop.
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