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  • Keith Heys's picture
    Keith Heys
    I do not have the academic intelligence that the commenters above have, and i am not going to attempt to debate the issue. but i know this, the world is in uproar over this, and when people of all race creeds and cultures and all walks of life across the entire world stand united in protest against the issue then they should be heard otherwise democracy has failed and a dictatorship finally shows its-self. the GMO issue has the scientific community at loggerheads and the people of the world enraged and moved to action and civil disobedience like nothing else in the history of the world. The governments should hear the voice of the public that elected them.
    so i question not just the GMO issue, but the motive of governments to ignore such a clear message from the people of the world, and urge them to act in the role they were elected for "public service" before their ignorance causes violent demonstration.
  • Theresa Lam's picture
    Theresa Lam
    I think that real scientists believe in conducting scientific studies rather than making decisions based on mere observations. I am certainly not satisfied with Dr. Davies answer and I am especially surprised that a professor from Cornell University could call the observations of general consumption of GE foods across populations (who by the may have been unaware that they have been consuming GE foods) a "study". Every scientist knows (and this is taught in middle school science classrooms) that your reference to a study can never be called a scientific study, since a well designed study is a controlled experiment which eliminates all variables except for the one being tested and the control. Many people get sick everyday how do we know whether or not illnesses have been caused by GE foods or some other variable? For example, 12 yrs ago I suffered from GERD and an H. pylori infection. After making some dietary adjustments which included switching to an organic diet, I regained my health. How do I know that this was not caused by the consumption of GE foods? I do not because there were so many variables involved. Now if the foods were labeled I might be able to test my hypothesis, or at least get a good idea if the GE foods were the cause. So for this reason, I doubt the value of his other recommend experiments. I really would like to see a well designed, long-term double-blind experiment that tests GE foods on humans. Why not do it?
    Monsanto's MSDS has some very telling information:
    Refer to: http://www.monsanto.com/products/Documents/MSDS-Labels/roundup_powermax_msds.pdf
    Aside from the research that Dr. Davies posted, I would like to call attention to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Monsanto's Roundup. Under Section 11 Toxicological Data, Developmental Toxicity/Teratogenicity we can see that the NOAEL threshold is very low. It states that no Observed Adverse Effects occur at 1000 mg/kg of body weight in rats. Convert the numbers so that we can relate: That's the same as 1 gram per 2.2 lbs of rat body weight. Since 1 tsp = 5 grams and 1 kg = 2.2 lbs.

    So an excess of 1/5 tsp. of Roundup Powermax given to a 2.2 lb rat may cause post implantation loss aka spontaneous abortion. What happens with cumulative effects?
  • Kevin Folta's picture
    Kevin Folta
    The other thought is that we never "have to do a study" to tell if there's a measles outbreak or food poisoning from salmonella. Health problems in populations pop out in epidemiological assessments. To date there has been absolutely no connection between GM foods and disease. This reality dovetails nicely with Dr. Davies' explanation above.
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