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    I know what you mean about walking trough the fields. I'm sure I walked 1000s of miles through cotton fields. I would not hesistate to eat something like sweet corn directly from the plant. Actually, Monsanto is serving our GM sweet corn in the cafeteria tomorrow. However, I don't recommend eating fresh soybeans off the plant. It has nothing to do with them being GMO or sprayed with Roundup. Soybeans should be cooked before eating them. They naturally contain proteinase inhibitors. This is true for all soybean varieties. Eaten raw, it can cause gastrointestinal problems. Cooking denatures these inhibitors making it perfectly safe to eat. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate hearing from someone back home. Regards, Keith
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    Arkansas is beautiful but I don't miss the crazy weather! I spent time on my grandparent's farm in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas. There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables. My friend and I would pick soybeans from the neighboring fields and eat them. I can't imagine being that same child and cutting through a neighbor's farm where Roundup Ready soybeans are grown, especially picking them fresh and eating them right there in the field. If a child were to walk through a field of Roundup Ready soybeans and happened to pick and eat a few, would that child be at risk from ingesting or topically coming in contact with pesticide or herbicide?
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