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    It is obvious that companies producing GMO food are afraid that people won't buy as much GMO food once it is labeled and they know it is a GMO food. The reason why it is not labeled is because of greed and profit reasons for the companies producing GMO. The number of people with gluten intolerance have increased tremendously at the same time than the GMO food has been consumed in the US. Roundup crosses the placenta and has beeb found in the embryo, the effects of the pesticide is not known for the embryo development. It should be obligatory to label the GMO food so pregnant women could have a safe approach toward their future babies. Many studies have linked GMO food and cancer, that is the #2 cause of death in the US and the cause is unknown. People are right to be scared of GMO. The government is getting money from the companies producing GMO, the government is corrupted and has a very high financial interest in protecting the GMO producing companies. The government does not care about people's safety, nutritionists know that the government is poisoning us for profit, the government only cares about how much money they can make from companies.
    How come 300 toxic chemicals are FDA approved in our food but not in other countries?
    How come roundup was tested only for 3 months in rats? It should be tested for long term effects since we are eating it for years and so, can (and certainly do) have long term effects.
    The government is poisoning us for profit, shame on you!
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