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    Lying to people is not nice, but neither are GMO Foods! Monsanto does a 90 day test and says GMO are safe! This is a crock of you know what!! The French did a 2 year GMO study and all the animals fed GMO developed cancer and /or tumors. If these animals were human, their tumors would be the size of a BASKETBALL!!
    GMO food are a way to control the food market and are UNHEALTHY!!!
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      Community Manager
      Hi notgmofool, thanks for contributing to the discussion on GMO Answers. This website was created to do a better job answering your questions -- no matter what they are -- about GMOs. The biotech industry stands 100 percent behind the health and safety of the GM crops on the market today, but we acknowledge we haven't done the best job communicating about them, what they are, how they are made and what the safety data says. (Learn more at http://www.gmoanswers.com/about.)

      You can read responses from experts regarding the rat study you referenced at this link: http://gmoanswers.com/ask/have-you-reviewed-study-showing-gmos-caused-cancer-lab-rats, and this link: http://gmoanswers.com/studies/republished-seralini-gmo-rat-study.

      We encourage you to peruse this site to see all of the different perspectives on GMO-related questions. If you would like to submit a new question, we invite you to do so at http://www.gmoanswers.com/ask.

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