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    Hi SolsticeFarmer -- thanks for contributing to the discussion on GMO Answers. This website is focused on facilitating a constructive conversation about biotechnology in agriculture. We invite you to learn more about GMO Answers at http://www.gmoanswers.com/about, and ask any questions you may have at http://www.gmoanswers.com/ask.
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    They should absolutely be labeled. GMO is dangerous, unhealthy, and detrimental to the environment. In both the recent state votes to mandate GMO labeling, corporate GMO supporters outspent their public based opponents on nearly a 20 to 1 scale....the reason? No one would buy GMO food if they were aware of what they were purchasing. Monsanto, et al, DO not support choice....quite the opposite. Since 1992.....over 20 years ago....there have been loads and loads of data that support the fact GMO's are quite bad for individual health.
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    Answer: So consumers can decide for themselves if they want to buy a product that has been marinated roundup.