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  • John Austin's picture
    John Austin
    This simply isn't true. Kenya isn't the only country with a ban. There are 19 countries that have banned GMO to a certain degree, and this number will continue to rise. See link below for the list of countries and their bans:


    Here are the tests conducted on lab rats and the effects of GMO consumption:


    Personally speaking, I ask myself, "why would anyone be willing to eat something that bugs aren't willing to eat themselves?"

  • Dominick Dickerson's picture
    Dominick Dickerson
    Populism is not a good justification for this issue. Many countries around the world have criminalized homosexuality should we listen to them as well? It's classic example of the fallacious argumentum ad populum

    I suspect the original poster is a troll judging by his grasp (or rather lack there of) of the English language and the fact that this isn't really a question at all.