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    Absolutely.....use of Glyphosphate has soared with the advent of GMO....and while it is the lesser of 2 evils compared to most pesticides, it is still an endocrine disruptor with a half life longer than its producers will admit. Plus...now that many weeds have had so much selective pressure put on them by overuse of glyphosphate....GMO companies are adding stacking multiple new pesticide resistant traits into their new releases like 24-D and Dicamba....much worse chemicals. Expect increasingly more usage of pesticides with GMO production....its an inevitable part of their grow cycle.
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      Hi SolsticeFarmer -- you bring up a couple of points related to pesticide use. We invite you to ask any question(s) you might have about pesticide use with GM crops at http://www.gmoanswers.com/ask.
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    You might be interested in this article from NPR, "Soil, Weedkillers And GMOs: When Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story": http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/01/24/265687251/soil-weedkillers-and-gmos-when-numbers-don-t-tell-the-whole-story.