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    JPeaceGreen green
    Genesis 1:28 - Name everything in the world and learn how to use it. Perhaps Science is the first commission.
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    That Debra's threshold is apparently higher than that of the rabbis, because Kosher does not prohibit GMOs.


    "According to the Orthodox Union, the strictest interpreter of Halachic laws, GMOs do not pose a concern. "The Halachic implications of bio-engineered foods with possible genes from non-kosher sources has been studied at length by the Orthodox Union's Rabbinical Kashruth Advisory Board, headed by the renowned Rabbi Israel Belsky of Mesivta Torah V'daath and Rabbi Hershel Schechter of Yeshiva University," states the OU. "The conclusion of this Rabbinical Board was that such genetic manipulation does not present any Kashruth problems whatsoever." "
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    I read a great story recently about some Kosher wheat production. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/29/us/brooklyn-matzo-prebaked-in-an-arizona-field.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1&hp&pagewanted=all&

    I think it's fine for a group to have philosophical rules for food. And it's fine to create a system to monitor and label them. It just shouldn't be forced on anyone else. If you want to avoid GMOs then the Non-GMO label should serve just as well as a Kosher one.
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