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    There are already commercially available "stacked" genes with glyphosate and glufosinate resistance. Other stacked herbicide resistance genes are in the pipeline as Joseph mentions. Much like stacked Bt genes, these technologies should allow for better resistance management.
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    Joseph Najjar
    What you are referring to is called gene "stacking", where multiple genes are being implemented to help control pests, for example, I believe there are currently plans to release a cultivar that has resistance to 2,4-D as well as Dicamba, two different herbicides. The idea is that if a weed were to develop resistance to one of them, the other would kill it off, and not allow that resistance allele to be passed on within the weed population. We will see more and more of this, as Roundup-Ready plants have additional traits added to them. You are right in your guess, that is indeed why they are doing it
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      Joseph Najjar
      Oops, forgot to post my source:

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        Ignacio Ibarra Del Río
        Great! Thanks for the comment!