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  • Joseph Najjar's picture
    Joseph Najjar
    Yea its silly really. The shame is that neither of these issues are inherently political, but our bi-partisan society has made them political anyway. Those who try to discredit GMO safety are to the left, what climate-change deniers are to the right. The reality is that the climate IS being affected by human activity, and GMO crops have been shown to be SAFE for consumption, over and over. People who want to tell you otherwise for either topic are misinformed. If anyone is looking for a good read, that actually combines these two issues with many other global issues, check out "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" by Thomas Friedman

  • WheatLover's picture
    Check out the "Mark Lynas, Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference" from January 3, 2013 (available here http://www.marklynas.org/2013/01/lecture-to-oxford-farming-conference-3-january-2013/ ). He pretty much discusses what you just asked.