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    This is a tricky question because it gets theological beliefs involved, and that could alter a person's perceptions on what is an acceptable answer.

    For instance (and these are complete generalizations) a believer of evolution may say that modern day plants are not the same species as those that existed in the age of dinosaurs, and that the process to create GMOs is little different from evolution except we are forcefully adapting the organism to suit our needs.

    A believer in creationism may say that GMOs are not part of God's plan and we should stop making them.

    Some people may look to the bible verse Genesis 1:26 which states that God made man in his image and gave man dominion over the Earth (or at least the animals), which suggests that making GMOs could be within the rights of our "dominion".

    And someone with a faith completely different from Christianity (and Judaism and Islam since the three have the same roots) could have a completely different view on the matter.

    In the end this could become a debate with no definite outcome, simply because the foundations upon which each person makes their argument may or may not allow for a "middle ground consensus" between debaters.