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    @Tom Helscher
    If Monsanto wants to earn our trust why did they push for the Monsanto Protection Act? Someone at Monsanto must realize there are no guarentees in long term health effects, and where does that leave us, if there are long term health effects??
    Secondly, how you brag social responsibility when you have no idea how your GMO seeds have ended up where they shouldn't be? I am going to keep asking these questions, and they will be definitely brought up in the future when we say, 'told you so'........only thing is, Monsanto is going to have a very angry population to deal with.
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    Community Manager
    Please review the response to a similar question, available here: http://gmoanswers.com/ask/why-would-people-trust-monsanto-considering-you-develop-so-called-terminator-seeds-sue-farmers

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    You can't. What's worth doing is worth doing for money. WHen there is a problem in the future, they have made so much money that a measly fine will be nothing. It is no different than the cigarette companies. Even look at the recent financial collapse. Some of these investment firms are being fined 500 million by the gov't. That is nothing for them.