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    Community Manager
    Thanks for all the great input on this topic. This question is now under review. The comments section will reopen once a response is posted. Please check back and thanks for your participation.
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    Actually, GMO crops are also to blame for CCD.

    "Among the companies that make neonicotinoid insecticides are Bayer (imidacloprid and clothianidin), Dow (sulfoxaflor) and Syngenta (thiamethoxam). Monsanto coats its Bt corn and cotton, its RoundUp Ready soy and canola and other genetically engineered seeds with neonicotinoids. At least 143 million of the 442 million acres - nearly one-third - of U.S. cropland is planted with neonicotinoid-treated seeds."

    More info here:
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    Does Monsanto deny any responsibility for the destruction of bee colonies despite the mounting evidence that Monsanto chemicals are at least part of the problem?
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    Truth Teller
    GMO has been linked to Colony Collapse Disorder because the brains of bees are damaged and the worker bees are no longer able to return to the hive, so the colony of bees collapses. GMOs do not sound like they are "substantially equivalent".
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    Mark Ludwig
    Neonicinatoid insecticides are being targeted because of a link to CCD. GMO's and roundup have not been associated with bee deaths to my knowledge, though you see that circulating on line, usually with a laundry list of other dubious accusations.
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    Seeds of Death
    They should be, but ignorance is bliss. And in the 21st century that translates as greater revenues and a lot of smiling shareholders