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    Here are some I have bookmarked:

    Biofortified [http://www.biofortified.org/] -- Blog community operated by Ph.D. candidate at University of Wisconsin. This site tends to take a critical analysis of anti-gmo literature with frequent blog posts by guest experts and a forum where numerous current topics in biotech, particularly with application to agriculture, are discussed. It claims to be funded completely by grants and donations, not by industry contributions. There are frequent article contributions and participation by persons who practice in the field of genetics/biotech academically and professionally . This site also compiles a bibliography of peer reviewed studies in its "Genera" database.

    http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/ -- A site based at George Mason University. It provides a daily collection and archive of news articles and editorials on the topics of human genetics/health and ag biotech, as well as articles written by the site's operator. It is particularly focused on media coverage of biotech and often is critical of how the media handles reporting of biotech related events and controversies. Although a minority of articles, this site does post articles by authors critical of genetic engineering. The site maintains that it accepts no funding from industry, and is funded completely by foundation support and individual contributions.

    http://appliedmythology.blogspot.com/ -- A site managed by Steve Savage, a career plant pathologist. Most of the posted articles are written by Mr. Savage himself and generally provide scientific and philosophical comment on biotech applications in agriculture and related public policy debates.

    http://academicsreview.org/ -- A site created by Bruce Chassey of the University of Illinois and David Tribe a professer and lecturer at the University of Melbourne. Both are leading spokesmen for the benefits and safety of biotech applications in food production. The mission of the site is to "test popular claims about biotechnology against peer reviewed science." So far, the site has not been very active but it does have a thorough point-by-point analysis and rebuttal of Genetic Roullete by Jeffrey Smith.
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    Ben Schaefer
    On facebook try GMOLOL and GMO skeptic forum for discussions. They are both full of useful links.
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    Search for the terms 'pro gmo', there is also Celebrate GMO