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    But, as natural selection goes, the insects that survive the Bt-corn will survive and reproduce. After generations of Bt-corn usage, the rootworm will eventually become resistant to its affects. What will Monsanto and other biotech companies do after that? Not to mention the organic farmer who occasionally use Bt to protect their plants from harm. If the "super" rootworm migrates over to their fields, then they will have no crop to sell. I do not believe that the biotech companies are properly planning for the future. Used as organic farmers use it, Bt can be sustainable for centuries, just as it has been. But if insects become resistant to Bt, then there will be no more usage of the helpful and natural pesticide.
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      AEL - This is a great question, and I encourage you to submit it through our formal Q&A process so that we can route your question to the appropriate expert. Please click on this link to submit your question: http://gmoanswers.com/ask-your-question
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