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    Dr. Gaffney:

    Thank you for your answer. To me, enabling a plant to increase production with the same fertilizer input or alternatively, to maintain yields at reduced nitrogen input is a great application of crop improvement technology, whether involving genetic engineering or otherwise. I personally believe it would be a significant game changer if there we are able to achieve such a breakthrough, and I believe it is an application of genetic advancement that may be made possible through bioengineering techniques that could have widespread public support. It is one application that could be beneficial in organic systems to help overcome the nitrogen cap, and even for conventional farming would make a lot of soil stewardship practices more practical.

    I don't know how much greater yield can be attained through greater N use efficiency as I would anticipate that there may be a maximum theoretical yield for any given crop, (there is a finite amount of sunshine for example) but I think it is important to pursue.
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