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    Dominick Dickerson
    I think the issue here is one where people are looking to scientific studies to say things that scientific studies just can't say. You won't find a scientific study saying that GMOs are safe because that's not what the study's look for. This confusion likely stems from lay person ignorance of how hypotheses are tested. You don't look for safety you look for evidence of harm which is what the studies do. And the body evidence indicates that genetic engineering as a means to generate new varieties of crops is no more dangerous than other methods in plant breeding.
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      Community Manager
      Thanks for participating in the discussion on GMO Answers! You might be interested in this response about safety studies from Dr. Peter Davies, professor of plant physiology and international professor of plant biology at Cornell University: http://gmoanswers.com/ask/i-know-there-havent-been-definitive-studies-conclude-gmos-can-do-harm-ones-body-have-there-been.
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    This is the link that I have seen all over this site. http://www.biofortified.org/genera/studies-for-genera/independent-funding/