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    For some more information you can take a look at a previous question that was asked about whether obesity is caused by GMOs. http://gmoanswers.com/ask/hasn%E2%80%99t-rise-obesity-been-linked-directly-when-gmos-were-introduced-our-diet

    The quick version is that the sponsors of this website believe that obesity is caused more by lifestyle choices where people consume more calories then they work off in their day-to-day lives. This led to a semi-long debate among the commenters. Some of the commenters accept the answer, understanding that calories are the unit of energy our body uses to function, and that when excess material is in the body it is stored as fat for periods when fuel (food) is more scarce. Others believe the "excess calorie answer" does not address the needs of people with special conditions or who believe that the GMOs that go into processed foods trick our brain and body into producing fat cells while at the same time depriving us of essential nutrients.