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Mary Boote

CEO of Truth About Trade and Technology

Mary Boote serves as Chief Executive Officer of Truth About Trade and Technology, a national nonprofit grassroots group based in Des Moines, IA formed and led by farmers in support of freer trade and access to technology in agriculture. Recognized as one of Iowa’s most skilled political organizers and leading experts on agricultural policy, she served as agriculture adviser to Iowa Governor Terry E. Branstad from 1997 – 1999.

Ms. Boote has participated in agriculture leadership missions to the Soviet Union (1990) and Hungary (1991, 1992) with emphasis on instruction in strategic planning and personal representation for privatized agriculturalists in newly independent countries. In 2009, she participated in an ACDI/VOCA study tour looking at smallholder maize projects in Kenya and Tanzania. Mary Boote also serves as Managing partner for PMI, LLC (Policy Management Interests, LLC), a public policy management firm that provides issue education, grassroots project implementation and fundraising campaign leadership to a variety of projects.

Born and raised on a NW Iowa dairy, pork, corn and soybean family farm, Ms. Boote attended Northwestern College, Orange City, IA. In 2009, she completed the Harvard Business School Agribusiness Seminar.

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Posted On: Saturday, 8/10/2013 6:48 pm
A: Biotechnology has been helping farmers around the world increase their productivity, boosting crop yields by providing protection from pests, viruses and poor weather.  Genetically modified crops are an important tool that helps the world's farmers sustainably feed a growing world population.  We hear many positive stories, based on firsthand experience with biotech crops, from farmers around the world every day.
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