Judy (Qinfang) Wang

Senior Manager, Biotech Affairs and Regulatory

Judy Wang is Senior Manager of Biotech Affairs and Regulatory at DuPont Pioneer China. In the role, which Judy has held since 2005, she leads DuPont Pioneer’s biotech affairs, regulatory affairs and biotech products registration in China.

Judy started her engagement in biotech R&D and management since 1996 when she joined the Biotech Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. As Vice Chairman of Science Popularization Committee of China Society of Biotechnology, Judy actively participated in improving science-based biotech regulatory environment and enhancing public/media education on biotech in China. She is the consultant to the ISAAA China Biotech Information Center and contributed to sharing biotech knowledge and China experience with stakeholders around the world.

From this Expert

Posted On: Sunday, 8/04/2013 4:12 pm
A: First, let me make a correction. In fact, GMO foods are not banned in China. The Chinese government has supported and funded many critical programs on biotech crop R&D in China. China has commercialized cultivated Bt cotton since 1997. Biotech papaya has been commercially cultivated in China since 2006. The China Ministry of Agriculture(MOA) is the major regulatory agency for biotech crops. I personally have been engaged in biotech R&D and management since 1996.  I have seen MOA... Continue Reading
Posted On: Wednesday, 7/31/2013 11:07 pm
A: I’m not aware that China has destroyed GM crops for safety reasons, as you imply, but there have been isolated reports of U.S. commodity shipments being reviewed by Chinese authorities for questions about paperwork and approvals. However, this handful of incidents is a very small part of the amount of grain that China imports from the United States (and other countries that grow GM crops) each year. China is the number-one customer for U.S. soybeans, having purchased 791 million bushels in... Continue Reading
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