John Cordts

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Monsanto Company

I am a relatively new employee with Monsanto having joined in 2012 after retiring from the U.S. Department of Agriculture after 22 years. In my previous work, I conducted both lab and field research on fruit trees, grapevines and ornamental plants for USDA-ARS and worked in the biotechnology regulatory program in USDA-APHIS. I’ve also represented the interests of the U.S. government in various scientific meetings and negotiations in the United States, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. I have an undergraduate degree in horticulture and Master’s degrees in botany and business.

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Posted On: Saturday, 8/17/2013 12:17 am
A: While I am not sure of the exact number, there are current and former Monsanto employees that had worked for FDA.  There are also current employees that had worked for other U.S. regulatory agencies like USDA and EPA.  In fact, I worked for USDA for over 22 years in both research and regulatory roles.  I spent over 12 years at various USDA-ARS labs in West Virginia, Florida and Washington DC working to develop improved plant varieties using biotechnology methods.  For... Continue Reading
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