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Jillian Etress is a high school agriculture teacher and farmer's wife from South Alabama. She is a graduate of Auburn University's College of Agriculture where she earned her degree in Agriculture Communications. In her spare time, she works with an Alabama-based mission group that serves in Haiti to provide education opportunities as well as agricultural education to the local Haitian community.

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Posted On: Tuesday, 8/06/2013 7:16 pm
A: Great question. First of all, from a farm perspective not all of our seeds are genetically modified. We choose to use or not use GMOs based on the needs of our farm. When we do buy GM seeds, we are required to sign a technology contract where we agree not to save seed from year to year. This protects the research that whatever seed company we purchase from that year has put into the seeds. That being said, the seed is still viable. Technically, it could be replanted and grown the next year;... Continue Reading
Posted On: Friday, 8/02/2013 12:06 pm
A: Farmers do not sign non-disclosure agreements. Non-disclosure agreements are contracts between two parties who agree not to disclose essential, confidential information related to their businesses. However, farmers do have to sign technology contracts wherein they agree to a list of terms when using patented seed technology. For example, when we plant enhanced cottonseed, we sign a technology contract in which we agree not to save the seed from the crop to replant it next year. This protects... Continue Reading
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